P. I.

Levi Morran

Lab Manager/Technician

McKenna Penley


Amanda Gibson

Graduate Students

Dorian Feistel

Signe White

Kim Hoang

Undergraduate Students

Angela Choi

Manraj Dua

Arooj Khalid

Julie Lin

The Departed

Graduate Students

Zach Lynch…PhD in Population Biology, Ecology, and Evolution, 2016

Undergraduate Students

Graduated May 2017
Jae Hoon Cho…B.S. Biology and B.A. in Music Performance (Saxophone).
Next up: working at Amherst College with Dr. Michael Hood.

Giang Ha…B.S. Biology with double major in Music, 2017.
Next up: Medical School at Mercer University.

Sarah Hesse…B.S. Anthropology and Human Biology with double major in German Studies, 2017.
Next up: a teaching Fulbright in Germany.

William Milligan…B.S. Biology and B.S. in Applied Mathematics, 2017.
Next up: JD/PhD program in Biological Sciences at Columbia University.

Chris Stadnick…B.S. Biology, 2017.
Next up: working for CityYear in Memphis, an AmeriCorps Program.

Rishab Makam…undergraduate, transferred to the University of Oxford in Oxford, England, 2017.

Graduated May 2016
Arielle Greenberg…B.S. Anthropology and Human Biology, 2016

Maura Sare…B.S. Environmental Sciences, 2016


Aimee Paulk…volunteer, now graduate student in Emory’s Microbiology and Molecular Genetics (MMG) program

Sathvik Namburar…volunteer, now undergraduate at Johns Hopkins University

Arihant Jain…high school volunteer from Gwinnett

Zoey Del Pinto…volunteer, now medical student at Ohio State University