Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our goal is that the Morran Lab is both a group of individuals and a physical location where scientists and students with diverse backgrounds, identities, experiences, and viewpoints are welcome. We seek to create a safe environment in which individuals are free to be themselves. We believe a lab composed of diverse people is a strength that benefits each lab member and our science collectively. We recognize that we are each responsible for fostering a positive and encouraging lab dynamic, which is paramount for achieving our collective and individual scientific, educational, and career goals.

To realize our goal of inclusivity, we will strive to create a safe, equitable, and inclusive environment for all lab members. Unfortunately, multiple aspects of academia, science, and society as a whole are not equitable and impose the systemic exclusion and oppression of people representing certain races, sexual orientations, religious affiliations, genders, nationalities, and/or socio-economic groups. We will actively seek to counter these exclusionary practices by:

  • Acknowledging and addressing our mistakes by educating ourselves on the biases and barriers faced by people different than ourselves
  • Accommodating each lab member’s specific needs to facilitate their success
  • Increasing student access to research opportunities
  • Recruiting a diverse group of trainees
  • Befriending and investing our time and knowledge in fellow lab members
  • Advocating for diverse scholars in our field
  • Listening to and amplifying marginalized voices
  • Working to change oppressive actions, words, and/or policies within our lab, department, and university

The basic core values of the lab are summed up in this excellent graphic made by Sammy Katta. LabPoster_vWorm