New paper by Signe!

The first data chapter from Signe’s dissertation is now published. Congrats Signe!

In this paper, Signe finds that the dauer life stage can alter C. elegans interactions with parasites by inducing avoidance behavior and/or reducing host mortality rates, depending on the strain of C. elegans. On a broader scale, this project demonstrates that the host life stage can alter mechanisms of host defense and thus play a critical role in the outcome of host-parasite interactions.


Policy Memo Competition

Grad student Signe White and her teammates from the Emory Science Advocacy Network (EScAN) recently placed 3rd overall in a national science policy memo competition. The top policy memos were published in the Journal of Science Policy and Governance. Signe’s team focused on addressing high levels of PFAS chemicals in Georgia’s groundwater.

Great job Signe!

Emory EScAN Policy Memo


Signe (2nd from the left) and her team.

Kim Awarded NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship!!!

Grad student (but soon to be postdoc) Kim Hoang was recently awarded an NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Biology. Congrats Kim!

Kim will begin her postdoc in the Spring of 2020 working in Dr. Kayla King’s lab at the University of Oxford. After two years at Oxford, she will return to Emory to work with Dr. Tim Read for a year. Many awesome things to come!


Kim Hoang, currently a pre-postdoctoral fellow.

McKenna Penley, Research Tech Extraordinaire


McKenna is the heart and soul of the Morran lab.

Congrats to McKenna Penley!

Along with expertly managing lab supplies, personnel, and multiple projects, McKenna published her 10th* paper during the 2018-2019 academic year. This is a major milestone that reflects McKenna’s strong and steady commitment to making our lab both a hub for great science and a collaborative supportive environment. We are so thankful to have you on our team, McKenna!

*As further evidence of McKenna’s productivity, she also published her 11th, 12th, and 13th papers this last year.