New Publication for Postdoc Mandy Gibson

Mandy Gibson just had a paper published in Evolution Letters – it’s the first accepted paper in the first issue of this brand new journal! Evolution Letters is a joint journal between the US and European evolutionary biology societies and is supposed to fill in the gap in impact factor between the current of evolutionary biology journals, i.e. Evolution, and really big journals like Science

“The two-fold cost of sex: experimental evidence from a natural system” 2017 Evol Letters 1(1): 6-15.

“Theory by Maynard Smith in the 70’s proposed the two-fold cost of males as the primary cost of sex in dioecious species (species with separate males and females). Here, we experimentally validate this theory. In the snail Potamopyrgus antipodarum, there is indeed a two-fold cost of sex.”

You can find the open-access article here, plus commentary on the Evolution Letters blog.

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